That’s how old I am today! =)

I hit the gym on my lunch break today to run 4 miles.

i have a twin! Nah! It's just smoke and mirrors

i have a twin! Nah! It’s just smoke and mirrors

I JUST discovered that you can select virtual workout destinations! I chose the Grand Canyon. I made a little video that I posted to Instagram.

While I was running I got a text from my friend telling me what her 2 1/2 year old daughter said.

photo 2-1

I’m all fuh-klempt! The feeling’s mutual sweet Nicolette!

Today was supposed to be 6 miles according to god my training schedule but I knew that I just wouldn’t have the time since I was on my lunch break so 4 miles was the compromise.


After a quick shower I returned to work and whipped out my lunch. The first time in my life that the pit in my avocado broke in half. First I discovered the virtual workout destination option on the treadmill and now that the pit of an avocado can be broken in half.

photo 3

the more you know

And while we’re on the topic of new discoveries…My boss has been keeping a secret. All these years I never knew he wore wild socks.

photo 1-1

Checker socks: Check!

I stopped at the mechanic tonight to pick up my Jeep. Yep, this time it was the catalytic converter work. The repairs are really adding up and exhausting me to no end (pun intended…get it? the catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system). But I’m optimistic that this jeep will be around for many more miles. I had them change the oil too. And they placed a sticker on my windshield to remind me when my next oil change is…..

photo 4

Can you believe it???!!! I’m so close to hitting 100,000 miles!

It was still relatively early (5:30pm) so I went home to grab the doodle and we drove to the park for a nice walk. We covered 1,354,321 things to sniff 1.5 miles in 30 minutes.

photo 5

Running is my therapy (as I overuse in hashtag world) but lately I’ve been noticing that my anxiety seems to be getting the better of me. First it was some binge eating and frankly, just stuffing my face to suppress emotions. Today I noticed my mind was obsessed with time. I left work at 4pm on the dot. I had to walk 7 blocks to catch the bus. I had given myself 12 minutes to get to the bus stop which is plenty of time. I would walk one block and then count in my head how many more blocks to go and how many minutes left it’d take me. Seriously?! We’re talking 7 blocks….not 20! Sheesh! I just didn’t want to miss the bus and subsequently arrive at the mechanic after they closed. Needless to say all worked out well but these are some hefty red flags. I’ve got to add some other outlets…I’d run more but I don’t want to injure myself physically just to feel better emotionally =)

And so I might just cue up one of those yoga programs that I DVR’ed and try and calm that brain of mine.

Question: How do you manage anxiety? Anyone meditate? Do you reach for food when your stressed? Anyone wear wild socks? If you have a car, how many miles are you up to?


  1. Great post- good questions.
    1. Anxiety is managed by working out and focusing on the moment. I can’t control future events, but when I give them energy…I project future catastrophies!
    2. Not often, but when I do- hide your Nutella
    3. Absolutely
    4. 69,000ish

    There a great app called “calm”. It assists in my meditation.

  2. Yes I wear cooky socks Sometimes. Stress Easter. Always. OR I like tuo watch A sad movie and cry it out. This is out xterras 10th yr. We have c we’ll b over 100k miles. She had been very good to us. You are a Wonderful person Sally. Xo

  3. How do you manage anxiety? Like my cat, I’m a stress eater. Bring on the chocolate!
    Anyone meditate? Only as part of a yoga program…
    Do you reach for food when your stressed? Mmmm chocolate marzipan loaf.
    Anyone wear wild socks? I tried to be one of those people who didn’t care about matching socks, but I can’t do it. I’m pretty meticulous about matching them out the dryer. Are they particularly wild? No, but I do like to dress up for events!
    If you have a car, how many miles are you up to? 45k ish. I’m getting to the point where I’d fail inspection if I don’t get new tires. But NJ doesn’t do that anymore, so I guess I’m good. 😉

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