Hi folks—TGIF!

The week caught up to him

The week caught up to him

So today I chose to get my long run out of the way for a few reasons.

  1. I had a fairly light day workwise which meant I could afford to run during the day.
  2. It was really lovely weather….breezy and low 60s.
  3. My Saturday will be really jam packed and I prefer to spend time Sunday with Mr. SOTSS’ and the doggies. (I still might run a short 3ish miler though).

I only had 7 miles to cover as this is my drop back week (have I mentioned how happy I am to be training for a half marathon and not a full this Spring?!). From the first step I knew I was doomed. Each turnover felt like I was trying to pull my foot out of quicksand. But brick by brick I just kept muddling through. I wanted so bad for this run to feel effortless. I even had this wild idea that I’d tack on a few extra miles too. Yeah, nope.


Finally after 5 miles I walked a bit. I looked at my watch and realized my 11:10 pace had now slowed to 12:10 and I wanted to just walk the last 2 miles. But something made me blurt out loud “Really Sally, what difference does it make what your pace is, just go. You might be running solo but you’re part of something bigger”. What kind of philosophical mumbo jumbo did I just say?

It took me a minute to process. I was out with my girlfriends the other night and started to vent about how social media can make me feel like a failure, like I’m not dedicated enough. I see these runners in my feed who are running at 4am while their family sleeps because it’s the only time they can run. I see posts from speedy runners, super clean eaters, etc etc.

It was in the midst of my struggle to just chug through that I realized this is MY story….and this will be shared for others to read. And you know what? I think that’s really important for this large, virtual running community that I like to think of as a team. I owe it to my readers/followers to be honest and share my struggles. We are all here to support and inspire each other. Not to feel envy or to feel inferior.

I am not going to try and dissect what went wrong here. I’m going to be grateful that I was able to get those 7 miles in.

Someday I won’t be able to run anymore. Today was not that day…


Hi and happy Wednesday.

Yesterday I logged my first mid-week run with a 5 miler.

Love how Duncan just chills out on his big ole dog bed waiting for his "she's going out" cookie

Love how Duncan just chills out on his big ole dog bed eating his “she’s going out” cookie

It was warmer than normal for this time of year. I enjoyed the warmth but definitely felt like it took more effort. As usual, once I realized I was hovering around an 11-minute pace I tried to finish the run with an 11:11 pace so I could make a wish. I came close but was a few seconds off. Oh well.


I came home to a package at my doorstep. I was given a sample to try of the TKO 4-Way Resistance Bands from their PR agency.

TKO 4-way Resistance Bands and a cute doodle

TKO 4-way Resistance Bands and a cute doodle

My current resistance bands are so old and actually the rubber tubing is cracking. I keep thinking one day they’ll snap like a rubber band. The TKO bands are not rubber but more like a bungee cord. I really like that.


And the resistance can be adjusted so you don’t need multiple sets of bands. There weren’t any instructions but I’m a genius and eventually figured out that if you pull some slack through the little black domes it makes the resistance stronger. In essence, you’re shortening the band making it harder to pull.

I tightened the resistance for the lower bands but left the top ones looser.

I tightened the resistance for the lower bands but left the top ones looser.

Since I just recently organized my “home gym” section of my living room this couldn’t have come at a better time. I immediately tried them out. I love how they are basically 2 bands connected so you can do arm/leg movements simultaneously. And it’s supposed to help engage your core muscles which is always a win-win.

IMG_1614I’m definitely going to use these if for no other reason than they are so easy to use.

Hooray for TKO's 4-Way Resistance Bands

Hooray for TKO’s 4-Way Resistance Bands

I already went online and found a cool video showing 3 exercises that use 4-way resistance bands.

I found them here for $12.99…cheap!

So now my home gym arsenal is fuller and that can only help me stick to my strength exercises which if you know nothing else about me I’m terrible at sticking to a plan. Not to mention these are pretty darn portable so maybe I’ll take them with me on the weekends I go to Mr. SOTSS’ so I can continue to stick to a plan.

Today it’s already in the 70s! Crazy considering it’s still technically winter! I’m going to head out for a shorter run later this evening as we get closer to sunset.

Are you good at sticking to a strength training plan? no!

Do you use free weights or resistance bands or machines or all 3? I have free weights and bands.

Do you prefer strength training at the gym or in your home? home!

Happy Saturday! I treated myself to 8 trail miles today! That’s right. I say treated because normally I’d just run out my door and around the neighborhood for a mundane view but I felt the need for fresher air and scenery.

Hello scenery

Hello scenery

After having such a nice hike with dogs last Sunday I knew I wanted to go back to the same park for this run. It’s 5 minutes from Mr. SOTSS house and there’s a nice variety of technical trails and wider, loose gravel paths. I ran the first mile on one of the more technical trails but with ice and snow I walked a lot of it so I kept to the loose gravel paths for the last 7 miles. I took it nice and slow and just enjoyed getting lost in the forrest. I listened to music but kept it low enough that I could hear the sound of my footsteps too. There’s something really peaceful about that sound when it’s quiet otherwise.


My hamstring felt a little tight as I approached mile 7 but nothing major. it’s really been wonderful to being running lower mileage and hurting less. Nothing but love for today’s run…IMG_1529

And this might just be the last time I run with snow on the ground and Spring is approaching fast!



Other than my run I’ve just been spending time on Mr. SOTSS’ sofa with lots of dogs. IMG_1485

Enjoy your the rest of your weekend.

Happy Thursday!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and that the week has been going well.

After cleaning out my running shirt drawer on Saturday I headed over to Mr. SOTSS’ for the rest of the weekend. We hit up Road Runner Sports for some running sneakers and the grabbed a bite at Chipotle for dinner for a nice lil’ date. Yup, sneaker shopping and Chipotle most definitely is how we show our love. I bought the new Brooks Glycerin 13s to try.

Brooks Glycerin 13

Brooks Glycerin 13

Sunday was a gorgeous 60 degree, sunny day so we took the dogs on a hike. The only wrinkle was that there were a lot of people and dogs doing the same so we had to leash them for much of the time. But we found a quiet spot by this lake that was perfect for Chester to get some swimming in. And Duncan posed a bunch for me.



Shaking off

Shaking off

The boys

The boys

Checking the park map for alternate routes to avoid the masses

Checking the park map for alternate routes to avoid the masses

Resting up after the hike

Resting up after the hike. Keeping each other’s butts warm?

So this week has been quite impressive for me running-wise. I actually ran 3X during the week. I haven’t been able to say that’s happened in quite some time. Usually I manage to get one or at most, 2 runs in during the week.

I started off with two back to back 3 milers on Monday and Tuesday. Monday’s run felt great. I tried out the new kicks. They felt good. I was worried since I had issues with the Brooks Ghosts rubbing on the side of my foot but these seem good.


Monday! Sorry about my pasty legs.

Tuesday’s run was the complete opposite. I felt so sluggish. In general I was just feeling low energy and my tooth was feeling weird above the gumline. It was actually feeling weird over the weekend but I kept trying to ignore it.



Yesterday I had a routine dental cleaning appointment and mentioned the weird sensation above my molar. The dentist came in to examine, poke around and took some x-rays as well. He came to the realization that I had an abscess. Yikes! That’s an infection in the tooth all the way up the canal that can form from decay. So within a few hours I was getting emergency root canal. Good news is that they were able to get to the infection and treat it and I should be just fine.

Thinking of making this my new profile pic. LOL!

Thinking of making this my new profile pic. LOL!

Today I figured I’d go out for another run hoping my sore mouth wouldn’t be an issue. I wore the Glycerin’s again and still feeling good about them.

And that's a wrap on my weekday running. Next up is 8 miles on Saturday

And that’s a wrap on my weekday running. Next up is 8 miles on Saturday



I took Duncan for a few walks this week too. He’s been really into sticks lately.

Wednesday's stick

Wednesday’s stick

Thursday's stick

Thursday’s stick

Tongue-out-thursday! (This was just after dropping the stick)

Tongue-out-thursday! (This was just after dropping the stick)

How often do you run (or do any form of exercise) during the week? 

Have you ever had root canal?