Well, I  survived but it was no fun. Yep. 4 hours to go about 25 miles. The snow started about 8:00am. I kept trying to leave early but work kept pouring in. By the time I left the office it was 3:40pm.

Started out waiting for my usual bus right in front of the Macy’s in Herald Square…


I wish the snowflakes weren’t blurry.

katie holmes

Is this katie holmes? I think I need to buy some of that makeup =)

This was going nowhere. The woman at the front of the bus line had been waiting well over an hour. So I decided to hop down into the subway and take it downtown hoping i’d have a better chance at getting on a bus.

waiting for the bus, waiting for the subway, taking pictures of the snow and the traffic

waiting for the bus, waiting for the subway and taking pictures of the snow and the traffic

Eventually I made it onto a bus. An hour had passed by this point but I was sitting and warm and hoping that was the worst of it. Well, 3 hours later I made it to my car (parked at the bus stop). I did the best I could to remove the snow from the windshield, warmed it up a few minutes and then slowly drove home.

Almost home. Just gotta dust off the jeep.

Almost home. Just gotta dust off the jeep.

I came home and ripped into this:

Edy's Chocolate Chip

Yes please!

Today I couldn’t bear the thought of commuting with my Gilligan’s Island trek still so fresh in my head so I finagled working from home. It worked out well as I started at 9am and finished at 4:56pm. Perfect!

Then I hit up the gym to log in the 4 mile tempo run I was supposed to do yesterday.

Real Feel: -2? I'll take indoors for 200 Alec.

Real Feel: -2? I’ll take indoors for 200 Alec.

I am not a fan of the “dreadmill” but I have to say that for a tempo run it’s great. Set it and forget it! My tempo is supposed to be 9:57 pace but I usually find mills to be a little easier than running outside so I kept my pace at 9:33. It felt GREAT! The run itself plus just getting myself to drive there on such a cold (did i mention it was 15 degrees with a real feel temp of -2?) day.

So I took a lil’ video in the parking lot because I was just so proud of myself!

I came home pumped! Perfect because I needed to shovel the driveway (which i didn’t do last night…thank god for jeeps), then pack up and put out a lot of garbage. And if that wasn’t enough physical activity, one of the cabinets I ordered for my bathroom arrived from Target, so I started assembly—but 2 hours later I realized this is a 2-day job.


Gotta start somewhere.

assembly in progress

Main frame done….tomorrow doors and drawer and the flimsy plywood back with 6,000,423 screws. #prayforme

Tomorrow I’m supposed to run 5. It’s probably going to be a treadmill run again and it might even get cut back to 3 miles. I am really sore and tired. Heck it might just get scrapped all together. Winter is tiring. I love the snow but just bundling up, warming the car, shoveling etc…it’s tiring. Sunday I’m running the Fred LeBow Manhattan Half Marathon. It’s supposed to be pretty frigid again.

Good thing they reminded us to dress warmly.

Good thing they reminded us to dress warmly.

I am not racing it. It’s just going to be an easy training run that I paid a lot of money for =) I’ll take 2 apples AND a bottle of water at the finish for sure 😉

Question: Do you buy “assemble it yourself” furniture? Do you use the instruction book or wing it? What’s the worst commute you’ve ever had? I bet nothing as bad as mine.

Seriously, I need a month to get my house back. (Sorry! I must sound like a broken record!) Last night my power went out for a few hours so I couldn’t do much. Then I had to get ready because I was heading out to dinner with friends so I used my handy dandy LED lantern so I could at least put some make up on.

LED Lantern

The Glow Worm look!

Today I went back to Operation PURGE….I tackled the cleaning products under the sink and the toiletries and medicines in the bathroom. I’m starting to think that my mousse and my hair spray multiply in there. Oh, and I threw out someTylenol that expired in 2008.

I’m sad to report that my original bedding purchases arrived and I didn’t like them. I returned both….But I did keep the cute pillow from Pier 1.


The black and white bedding was a scratchy fabric and the teal bedding was really washed out looking. But the pillow was PERFECT!

Today started with a morning walk in the woods with this guy:

photo 2

Good morning!

And then I tackled the sink and bathroom clean out.

Then came the fun stuff! A trip to Home Goods where I got a few cute things.

photo 4-1

Yes! Cookies make me SOOO happy!

And then I stopped at the beach to get in my long run. 8.35 miles.


Finished just before sunset. My fingers were frozen.

Holy F it was windy. Watch this:

Now I’m back at Operation Cleanup and in a little bit I’m going to head to Target. Thank god I’ve got one more day off. Rest in peace Martin Luther King. Thanks for being worthy of a national holiday.

Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend.

Question: Anyone go skiing this weekend? Run a race? Toss some expired meds? Shop at Target?






Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. The painting is finally done! And now I’ve just got to keep plugging away and cleaning, putting back some things, tossing others and then tomorrow I’ll try and hit up Home Goods for some odds and ends. I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to have a fresh coat of paint on every single wall! It feels like a new home. YAY!

I ran 4 miles today and dedicated them to Meg Cross Menzies, the young mom/wife who was tragically killed recently after being struck by a drunk driver while she was out for a run. It’s really great when social media can help to make a unified circle of support and awareness during tragedies like this. #megsmiles #runnersagainstdrunkdrivers


I actually ran the boring 4 mile neighborhood route that I just told you in this post but today it wasn’t boring. I didn’t bring music. I just listened to my thoughts and prayed for Megs family. I also thought a lot about my own life. And I thought about how I can run a little safer on the streets. If there’s 2 things you can do when running outside it’s 1) Don’t wear both earbuds or even better run without music period. You should really be aware of the sounds around you. 2) Always run against traffic so you can see oncoming cars.

I’ve got 8 miles on tap for tomorrow and I’ll be spending the remainder of the day cleaning and organizing of course.

Question: Are you cozy at home or did you go out on the town tonight? I met my friends at a sports bar for a drink and some nachos but now it’s 10:40pm and I’m doing laundry and blogging. 

Well I’ve made it to day 4 of house painting week. It’s been fairly smooth except for things like planning to move my coat, duncan’s leash and my car keys out of the room that was being painted. I had to dig under some drop clothes and squeeze my fingers over my piano to retrieve the leash and keys and never did get access to my coat. It’s really starting to feel a lot like that movie Groundhogs Day. Ever see that movie? One of my favorites =)

Even my morning run felt a bit like the same old same old.


I ran 4 miles, same 4 mile route around the neighborhood. It was drizzling but not too cold. Felt good, but boring. I must try out some new routes soon. But…..I’m really getting comfortable in my Brooks Ghosts!

Brooks Ghost 6's

They’re keepers….I threw out the box. No turning back!

Speaking of Brooks, I found out from someone’s tweet (can’t remember who tweeted about it) that Brooks was having a clearance sale yesterday. I immediately jumped onto their site to order a couple of pairs of my favorite running capris, but I got distracted before completing the purchase and at the end of the day when I went back they didn’t have all black in medium so I bought these two that have some color accents. (my confirmation email seems to have disappeared so I hope I really ordered them!)


I have lots of summer weather running tank tops in hot pink and my favorite columbia running jacket AND my sneakers match the other pair. For $42 a pair (regularly $65) and FREE shipping I am quite satisfied. I swear these are the best capris ever. =)

Speaking of Groundhogs Day, it’s only 17 days away. I’m so curious to see if the little bugger sees his shadow. Well I’m exhausted. One more day of house painting craziness and then I’ll be spending Saturday, Sunday and Monday cleaning and re-decorating each and every room…I’m tired just thinking about that. And soon I’ll share some before and after pics.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

Question: What are your favorite running capris? Do you care if your running outfits match or not? Who else hates dusting?