How’s that for a post title?!

Last night I made some quick purchases at Dicks Sporting Goods online running shop. I got a new waterproof Spibelt. My other one is a few years old and seems to not be so waterproof anymore =)I also got some socks and the most essential summer running gear item ever….Bodyglide to combat the chafing (i got a larger stick and some smaller portable tubs to take along with me!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 7.50.00 PM

gear tidbits

This morning was tough for me to get up. I had this muppet giving me his “can you call in sick so we spoon all day ma?” look.


Good morning!

Work was busy. My boss is on vacation and I’m trying to just “get ‘er done” without disturbing him. =) Both my morning and evening commutes flat out blew chunks! Seriously, close to 2 hours each way. The evening commute gifted me this fellow commuter who FELL ASLEEP ON ME!!!! EEEEWWWWW!!!!


he’s squishing me!

OK enough of the odds n ends. On to my ergonomic enigma! I sit for many hours at work and my back and neck don’t like it. I have tried cushions on the seat. No good. I’m now thinking that I want to try one of those wacko exercise ball chairs. Like this one. I hope that will be the answer. My core is so weak. Perhaps this will help me with my posture and strengthen my core.

Today was a rest day. I’m going to run 4 tomorrow.

Question: Has anyone ever gone the exercise ball chair route? Thoughts?



After a  week of 95+ degree weather we were blessed with a break! It was 79 degrees at the start! That’s where the “hey hey hey” comes into play.

New York Road Runners (NYRR), the organization responsible for the New York City Marathon, puts on many races during the course of a year. They have a special set of races called the 5 Borough Series. There is one event in each of the 5 Boroughs of New York City. I completed the Manhattan Half back in January, the Brooklyn Half in May and today I completed the Queens 10k (it used to be a half but I think because it’s in mid July the weather is usually too brutal for a half. I’m probably going to miss the Bronx 10 miler but I’ll definitely be doing the final race, the Staten Island Half in October.

What a lovely day it was. Lots of running peeps!!!

photo 3

PR guy to the left, then Lisa, me and speedy Mike at the right


A few PRs, some Popsicles, and plenty of great conversation.

photo 2

Triathalon girl, PR guy, Lisa and me

photo 4-1

Bumped into Cindy at the end of the race.




I really didn’t have any expectations for this event. I knew I wasn’t shooting to PR. I just ran at medium effort I suppose. My first 2 miles were 9:45 pace but then I slowed a bit, took a few pictures and walked through a few water stops. The course was pretty flat but my pace was a minute slower by the last 2 miles. I ended up finishing in 1:04:29 which is a 10:23 pace. I’m good with that. =)

Running locally, both with the trail run yesterday and the Queens 10k today gave me a re-kindled appreciation for where I live. I heart NY!!! And while I miss the Golden Gate Bridge, I have my own bridge to cross frequently. The other big suspension bridge….the Verrazano.



Question: Do you love where you live? Have you lived there your entire life? Anyone desperate to move?

Last night I photographed a Sweet 16 at a catering hall here on Staten Island. It was a long night! I arrived at 6:45pm and was basically on my feet, snapping away (over 500 pictures!) until after midnight. But there was one really epic highlight…..they had the most amazing cupcakes….really the best i’ve ever tasted.

yes please

yes please


I finally fell asleep about 1am (on the couch nevertheless) unsure if i’d awake to the alarm or not. Earlier in the day I noticed on Facebook there was a local running group posting about a trail run they were leading about 15 minutes from my house. It was open to all paces. I had been on these trails before for a 10k that was back in January.


This was from the 10k this past January because I didn’t my phone with me to take pics today. #fail



trail running in winter is a lot less buggy!

This morning I heard the alarm go off upstairs (remember, i fell asleep on the couch) and figured i’d better run up and shut it off before my whole neighborhood hated me for ruining their saturday morning (yes, my alarm is that loud and obnoxious). I quickly got into my running gear, took the dog out and I was on my way.

I met up with the group at 8am. It ended up being a group of 4. I managed to stay with them but felt like I was putting a lot of effort into keeping up. And of course I couldn’t really afford to stop and take any pics of the trails themselves because I would have really fallen off. Trail running is quite challenging (especially in this brutal heat). It’s impossible to keep the same pace as flat street running. I tend to slow down and step a bit apprehensively when it is rocky and “rooty” (tree roots). We also went through narrow areas with tall brush on either side and across makeshift bridges that were wobbly. And all this was done simultaneous to some major swatting of bugs from my face. I’d consider my effort to feel more of a normal road tempo run. It ended up being an average of 13:26 pace per mile but I’d say it felt like 10:15 pace for me which is my tempo run pace.

our route

our route

Made it back to my car!

Made it back to my car!

I ended up really feeling a sense of accomplishment when we were done. Meeting new people was cool too. A total 360 from yesterday’s funk.

I think last minute decisions can be a great thing every now and again. It was worth it. Hmmm, I wonder if the bugs were following me because they could smell cupcake in my sweat!

I was home by 9:15am which was awesome. I’m now editing the photos from last night and enjoying some lazy couch cuddling with the doodle. Tomorrow I’m running the Queens 10K so I’m going to lay low for the rest of today.



Question: Been trail running before? Prefer pavement? I wonder what percentage of runners spend equal time running trails and pavement. 

I’m thinking that it’s good to classify some workouts as “mental toughness” workouts. You know? Not for the physical aspect but for the mental one.


Been feeling so so today….just in a funky and very judgmental of myself lately. Even though it’s 97 degrees with a “real feel” of 110 I thought a short run might snap me out of it. I ran 1.25 miles to my parents house for mail/newspaper collection duty and then another 1.25 back. There were LOTS of walk breaks. And I think I almost hurled at one point. I got a little off balance stepping off the curb twice and almost got hit by a car when I made an instant decision that if i didn’t get into the shade on the other side of the street that i’d literally die right there on the spot. (Crosswalk? Oh right. If I didn’t have heat stroke I might have made it 100 feet farther and used it)

Let’s just say this idea was stupid. But I actually feel a little bad-ass right now =)


Happy Friday people! I’m off to guzzle 10 gallons of water hydrate.

Question: Anyone running this weekend?