This has been a very long Monday of what is going to be a very long week! 1 down….4 to go…
My morning started with the painters arriving almost 40 minutes early! I hadn’t even had my coffee or showerd! But I wasn’t going to complain since i’d rather them early than late. So I put a few drops of moroccan oil in my hair, brushed my teeth and then I took Duncan to the vet. He had a cut above his eye that got infected and he’s been having some other issues that I wanted to get checked out.

photo 1

Quick stop at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru so ma could get some coffee before I went to the vet

photo 2

I hope they don’t have to take my temperature

$100 later and we got some antibiotic ointment for his eye and a plastic “specimen” cup that I’ll be hovering under him tomorrow morning when he pees. This should be interesting.

photo 3I dropped him at my friends house to keep him out of the painter’s hair and then headed to work. Have I mentioned how much I hate that my commute is an hour and a half?!

photo 4

Why the K for Koffeecake? What am I missing?

12 hours later I arrived home with the doodle where we discovered the living room was a sea of drop clothes and tarps. Um, where will I eat my dinner if the couches are covered??

1545014_10202906257879148_1914699090_nLuckily the painter got my bedroom done so at least I can sleep away from the chaos.

photo 5

this works

Today was a messy day. Looking forward to my run tomorrow.

Question: Have you ever lived through a house painting job or other renovation? Do you have a pet? Dog or Cat? 

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