Seriously, I need a month to get my house back. (Sorry! I must sound like a broken record!) Last night my power went out for a few hours so I couldn’t do much. Then I had to get ready because I was heading out to dinner with friends so I used my handy dandy LED lantern so I could at least put some make up on.

LED Lantern

The Glow Worm look!

Today I went back to Operation PURGE….I tackled the cleaning products under the sink and the toiletries and medicines in the bathroom. I’m starting to think that my mousse and my hair spray multiply in there. Oh, and I threw out someTylenol that expired in 2008.

I’m sad to report that my original bedding purchases arrived and I didn’t like them. I returned both….But I did keep the cute pillow from Pier 1.


The black and white bedding was a scratchy fabric and the teal bedding was really washed out looking. But the pillow was PERFECT!

Today started with a morning walk in the woods with this guy:

photo 2

Good morning!

And then I tackled the sink and bathroom clean out.

Then came the fun stuff! A trip to Home Goods where I got a few cute things.

photo 4-1

Yes! Cookies make me SOOO happy!

And then I stopped at the beach to get in my long run. 8.35 miles.


Finished just before sunset. My fingers were frozen.

Holy F it was windy. Watch this:

Now I’m back at Operation Cleanup and in a little bit I’m going to head to Target. Thank god I’ve got one more day off. Rest in peace Martin Luther King. Thanks for being worthy of a national holiday.

Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend.

Question: Anyone go skiing this weekend? Run a race? Toss some expired meds? Shop at Target?