Hi there. This week I’ve been celebrating so many things!

From Tongue Out Tuesday…

the progression of Tongue Out Tuesday

the progression of Tongue Out Tuesday

to Throwback Thursday…

Fall 2015....Chicago! A wonderful trip to celebrate my birthday.

Fall 2015….Chicago! A wonderful trip to celebrate my birthday.

and we can’t forget yesterday was Global Running Day!IMG_0499

I ran a few miles but to be honest my toe has been a smidge more achy since returning home from St. Louis (where I did a lot of walking) and I’m keeping the mileage low and probably thinking it’s best to keep to only one run a week for another week or two. I’ve come way too far to have a setback! (this weekend will be 12 weeks since the injury first happened).

Oh, and apparently today  is National Best Friends Day. I have lots of human friends but I think Duncan is truly my BEST friend. IMG_0502

This is how excited Duncan is to see me EVERY SINGLE TIME I return…


Excited is an understatement. #labradoodle #dogs #doodlesofinstagram #dogsofinsta #sillypup

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How can I not want to be best friends with him?

Also, it looks like I’ve designated Mondays to be for yoga

Yoga Monday "top knot"

Yoga Monday “top knot”

Getting used to traveling with this combo

Getting used to traveling with this combo

If you had to choose would you prefer Tongue out Tuesday or Throwback Thursday?

Do you have another favorite day to celebrate?

Hi There!

It’s Tuesday. Normally it’s a short run kinda day with speed work or hills or some other type of intervals but since I’m #StillNotRunning that wasn’t happening. I thought about hitting the gym at lunch but ironically all the biking that I’ve been doing has left me with some weird aches and pains around my knee and also my inner thigh and I thought it best to rest. Last thing I want is an injury from cross training (am I repeating myself? I feel like I said this recently…oh well, sorry if I am.) I’m going to stretch tonight when i go home.

In the meantime I participated in #TongueOutTuesday on Instagram today a little differently…

it's meant for dog pics lol.

it’s meant for dog pics lol.

I used this picture from about mile 23 in the NYC Marathon last year. I was #spent!


Then at lunch I ran errands just to get off my #ass and enjoy the warm sunny goodness that exists here in NYC today. I passed by Lady Foot Locker and got a good chuckle at their latest ad campaign.



If you search #Allrunnerswelcome or just go here you’ll see a cute video of these silly drawings and you can vote for which type of runner you are. I am a total fan of running inspired social media campaigns ever since I got to be part of the #runfor campaign that Dicks Sporting Goods shared last year. Here’s my video if you haven’t seen it. (It’s over a year old so of course the nerd in me wishes i could dub over the audio since now i’ve completed 5 marathons. lol.)

Eventually I made it to Sephora to buy some eyeliner and next thing you know I’m splurging on my favorite #fresh products. It’s really insane that I spent $22 on shower gel alone. But hey, I’m trying to keep my spirits up so I guess it’s cheaper than therapy.


And then I splurged on some fresh berries at the farmer’s market right outside my office.

farmersmarket-berriesI went with blackberries and strawberries. Unfortunately the blackberries are really bitter. I’ll just have to mix them with something sweet like CHOCOLATE!!!!


After running my errands I came back to the office and heated up my lunch. My mom dropped off a little dinner care package last night, but since I had already eaten my dinner I just took it for lunch today. It’s great portion control since she only packed me one serving!

whole wheat tortilla stuffed with chicken fajitas and low fat cheese and avocado

whole wheat tortilla stuffed with chicken fajitas and low fat cheese and avocado

Tomorrow is National Running Day and while I’m still technically “on the bench” I might just put on my running gear and run to the end of the block. I couldn’t possibly do harm in just one block! Otherwise I’ll just drown my sorrows with some ice cream. Win Win!

How’s everyone’s week going so far? Anyone eating ice cream right now? What flavor did you get?