This weekend my running took a front seat for a change. Saturday I went to the first New York Road Runner’s Open Run held on Staten Island. The goal is to utilize the NYC parks more. They plan on holding this event (it’s a 5k but yesterday’s course was a little shy and they will be adjusting for next week) every Saturday. I almost didn’t get out the door because someone was holding my foot hostage.

IMG_7112Eventually he let go though and shortly after I arrived I bumped into an old friend I knew from when I brought Duncan to the dog park on a regular basis back in the day. He’s a school track coach. As a matter of fact he introduced me to KT tape and some great calf stretches too. I was training for my first marathon back in 2011 and I remember all the conversations we had about running. As with most friends from the dog park I only remember the dogs’ names. LOL! His boxers were named Nike, Swoosh and JD (for Just Do It.) See a theme?!

Anyway we chatted the entire (almost) 3 miles and I was excited to see I finished with a sub 10 min pace. YAY!


Yesterday I went to the beach to run 9 miles. It was hot and I tanked the second half of the run. With all my walk breaks came lots of pictures…

Made me wish I was a boat...

Made me wish I was a boat…

mile 2

mile 2

these flowers make me happy

these flowers make me happy

FullSizeRender 8

I picked the most not scenic spot for a to the bathrooms. LOL

I picked the most not scenic spot for a selfie….next to the bathrooms. LOL

The day I can take a non-blurry shot with the self timer...

Just beachy

there was a classic car show happening in the beach parking lot

there was a classic car show happening in the beach parking lot

There was a great breeze that I enjoyed for miles 1 and 2 and 5 and 6. But the other miles my back was to the breeze. Oh well. Can’t have it all right? =)

I spent Saturday evening with my sister-in-law while my brother and nephew went to a rock concert (and my niece is still in Costa Rica). We had dinner and then went out for fro-yo. Then we walked the dogs around the neighborhood and then spent some time enjoying the lovely summer night on her patio sipping spiked lemonade.

I controlled myself with just one cookie.

I controlled myself with just one cookie.


so relaxing!


Doodle sniffing

I managed to spend a lot of time on the couch too which I think I really needed. Last weekend was go.go.go and it was nice to catch a breather.

Well, here’s to a lovely week people. Happy Monday!

One last thing! I’m excited to announce the winner of the Pro Compression Giveaway is Becky from OK so here’s the plan. She’s training for her first full marathon this fall and she has an adorable dog as well. Congrats Becky!

What did you do this weekend?

Hi there.

I’m back from a weekend relatively offline. I had a lovely weekend filled with running, hiking and even a little time spent down at the Jersey Shore strolling the boardwalk and enjoying the classics like mini golf, skeeball and ice cream!

I’m keeping up with my training and Saturday I ran 5 slow miles. It’s the longest distance I’ve run since the San Francisco Half about a month ago. I’m really excited that my foot is holding up. YAY!

Summer Running!

Summer Running!

Yesterday I didn’t run but I hiked for + hours and then took a 2.5 mile walk later in the day.

Late this afternoon I set out for a 3 miler but before I even got to the first mile I realized I was missing a very important part of running gear (especially on a sticky and hot summer day). The compression shorts that go under my running shorts. I was feeling a bit of chafing and immediately turned around (walked back) to re-dress and set back out again. Crisis averted!

photo 1

In total I covered about 4 miles. 3 1/4 of running and 3/4 of walking. It’s been so hot and humid the last few days that I just didn’t want anything hot for dinner tonight. I ended up making the most beautiful and healthy meal.

Tuna with homegrown tomatoes, kidney beans and romaine lettuce.

Tuna with homegrown tomatoes, kidney beans and romaine lettuce.

So September is here and I couldn’t be more excited! It means that my favorite season is just a few weeks away. And in just 2 weeks I’ll be headed out west—first to visit family in Arizona—and then to San Francisco for the Ragnar Relay to Napa! I’ve also got the Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope this Saturday.

What do you look forward to in September?

What’s your favorite Season?