Before Duncan and I get too involved watching the Golden Globes I thought I would just share a li’l recap of my weekend.


Golden Globes? Snooze!

It was the first weekend I had no commitment to anyone. No family get togethers. No friend get togethers. No dates with the boyfriend. Just me and the doodle. We enjoyed some time just before sunset on Friday just running around in the snow. We he ran around and I just took too many pictures watched.

labradoodle-snow run-free winter-walkAnd then for dinner I opted for a healthy combo of cheese, chips, chocolate and some wine.

My version of a healthy dinner

My version of a healthy dinner

Yesterday I did some cleaning and some finally finished my 2014 running highlights post in the morning and early afternoon and then I made the last minute decision to do my first long run.

looking all fresh BEFORE my run...

looking all fresh BEFORE my run…


I was originally planning on doing the run this morning. But after looking at my weather app although the temps looked to be a few degrees warmer today, there was only partial sun in the forecast. And at 3pm yesterday afternoon the sun was so strong I decided I’d rather have the solar power to warm me so I drove out to the flat path that runs adjacent to the beach. I was 100% right that flat terrain is exactly what I need to keep the knee happy. I covered exactly 7 miles and it didn’t really give me an issue. I also took a few minutes during mile 6 to test out my new iPhone tripod and timer camera app. Enter exhibit A: jumping shots…




All in all I call it a success!

I started off today with laundry, grocery shopping and a little more freelance work and then spent about 20 minutes doing strengthening and stretching exercises for the knee, hips, glutes and hamstrings. Later in the afternoon I met my friend and her dogs for a walk. It’s amazing how fast a day can go when you have no real plans.

Here’s to a great week ahead!