Hi there,

I can’t believe we’re just hours away from October (or into October if you’re across the “pond”).

Not sure if I ever mentioned this more than 100x but October is my favorite month. It’s my birthday month and right smack in the middle of my favorite season. It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I posted exactly a year ago with some personal connection to this.

I was home from work at 6:45 and kicked into high gear.

I cooked dinner
I vacuumed my entire house including the carpeted stairs (which only happens after a supermoon 😉
I called Apple’s customer support to try and get some iPhone issues resolved (unfortunately they couldn’t fix the issue but they sent my issue to their engineer for further investigation.
I scheduled my mammogram for next week
I backed up my laptop and my photos on my phone
I packed up all my garbage and recycling for pickup
I played tug with this dood…

AND THEN……I went for a run. Yup, 8:30pm and I bolted out the door with a big old smile on my face. The rain and humidity of the day left and a cooler, breezier night arrived. I felt so “speedy”.

10:33 average pace?! Yippee!!!

10:33 average pace?! Yippee!!!

bright shirt so I can be seen. (I ran on sidewalks and there were plenty of street lights so I didn't wear any reflective gear)

bright shirt so I can be seen. (I ran on sidewalks and there were plenty of street lights so I didn’t wear any reflective gear)

And since (for safety reasons) I don’t run with music at night I didn’t miss my iPod Shuffle that I lost this past weekend. #glasshalffull #winning! I’m going to have to pick up one before the marathon unless I want to use my phone.

Since I had to return those Brooks Ghosts I went online and found one of the last pairs of Asics Cumulus 16s in a size 8. They were super cheap ($69!)


So I close out September with 86.3 miles.

That’s really pretty low for someone training for a marathon but i’m content. Time to gear up for two crazy long run weekends followed by the t.a.p.e.r!

How was your September?