Well it’s Monday. And someone wasn’t too happy that I had to leave for work this morning.

Please don't go to work ma!

Please don’t go to work ma!

My weekend ended on a high note yesterday. It was 48 degrees and sunny and I completed 3 miles outside without knee issues. The second treatment of ART and Graston must be helping a little. Just a little bit of tightness when I was done. I could tell that if I ran another mile or two it would have been sore so I’m glad I didn’t push it.

outside running is always better

outside running is always better

Other things that made me giddy this weekend….

I finished all my house cleaning and shredded old bills.

I dropped the shredder down the stairs and needed to tape it back together

I dropped the shredder down the stairs and needed to tape it back together

I also baked an apple/pear/cranberry crisp….and then polished off the entire thing! And I polished off a bottle of wine too! Now you see why I was so giddy? It was a very productive weekend 🙂

all gone

all gone

And of course the walks in the snow with Duncan made me giddy too.   Tomorrow is treatment #3 with Dr Williams! 

How did your day go? Was it Mayhem Monday or Mellow Monday? Mine was fairly mellow. 


  1. There have been multiple articles recently saying that a glass of red wine is as good for you as an hour at the gym. I think of this when I finish a bottle of wine …. as good for me as four hours at the gym. :o)

    So glad your knee is heading in the right direction! How can you leave that pooch to go to work?! He’s so darn cute …. and I think he knows it.

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