Happy Monday!

As it seems every year Spring is the wildest month temperature-wise here in the North East. I was running with practically full winter gear last weekend when temps were in the mid 30s and yesterday it reached 84 degrees! The good news is it was perfect for me to try my last new clothing purchase from my running gear splurge, the Under Armour Fly By Running T-Shirt.

Under Armour Fly By T-Shirt

business in the front and party in the back

And let me tell you, this shirt IS fly! I’m a fan! I set out for a nice easy 4 miles. I had to stop at my folks’ house to bring in their mail and newspapers (they were away for the weekend), so I ran. Of course they live at the top of a very BIG hill. Not a problem…I just took it nice and easy.

4 miles

4 easy miles

And although it felt like Summer, the trees are just budding…

pear tree

baby buds almost ready to bust open

Meanwhile the dog was at the groomer getting a bath and haircut. Talk about multitasking!

When I picked him up he looked like this:

labradoodle haircut

i’m too sexy for this grass

I’m off today. Got up early to run a few errands. Even went to the bank to inquire about refinancing my mortgage. Yep that’s been on the “to-do” list for quite some time. And of course the person I need to see was unavailable. They said he’ll call me within the hour. I gave my cell number because I want to head out for another short easy run soon. I’ll just take the phone with me.

Hope your week is off to a good start.

Question: Do you keep lists? Do you keep up with your tasks? What always falls to the bottom of the priority list. For me it’s doing my nails. They are currently ragged and naked but I just bought a new color polish this morning to incentivize me to get them pretty asap! =) 

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  1. I LIVE by lists! I am a teacher, and I am the grade-level chair for my group of teachers as well as the Lead teacher for my specific job (I teach ESL) with a brand-new-to-the-job teacher/partner. My husband doesn’t travel, but he has a horrible commute, so I handle most of the tasks on the home front….another need for lists. I try to keep up with my tasks, but I do a MUCH better job in the summer and over vacations. I never get my nails done-they would chip before I finished with my first class for the day, most likely. I do love a good pedicure, though, so that would be the item that falls to the bottom of the list every time!

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