Happy Wednesday. I was just thinking how much I’ve been enjoying being free of any rigid training schedule for the last 2 months.

No rigid training for 3 more weeks!!! =)

No rigid training for 3 more weeks!!! =)

I have about 3ish more weeks before I start training for the NYC Marathon on November 1 and 3 half marathons before that (although all the half marathons will fall under “long training run”).

Today I did an easy 4 miles. 4 miles is finally starting to feel like a short distance to me again! YAY!

it wouldn't be a Garmin shot without a doodle bomb

it wouldn’t be a Garmin shot without a doodle bomb

So my friend’s mom who I visited last Friday passed away on Monday. While she was 91 it was pancreatic cancer that took her and I have to say watching her deteriorate over the last 6 months was painful. I would go a few months between visits and when I saw her on Friday I knew it was a matter of days. I’m going to miss her. I dedicated my run today to her and will say my final goodbye tonight at the services. I thought about her and a few other friends who are caregivers to relatives and it brought up a lot of emotion for me. I remember those last few months of my hubby’s life (back in 1999) as Melanoma spread to all his organs. At 25 I had no experience in dealing with any of what I had on my plate. I tried to keep it together and be strong to care for him but I would get so frustrated and overwhelmed. But somehow I managed. And I have those special memories of his final hours before he took his last breath. I remember the first year afterward. I had to remind myself to move, breathe, eat….

Step forward. Repeat. Breathe!

Step forward. Repeat. Breathe!

Thankfully now I have running in my life. It really helps me when the emotions build up. Such a release!

And now I have Mr. SOTSS too! A second love story in the making.

My smiley. Love him so....

My smiley. Love him so….

Last night we had a crazy thunder/lightning storm but it ended about 20 minute before sunset and left this beautiful colored sky.


So, my injuries? Here’s where we’re at:

My shoulder/rotator cuff: Remember when I fell of the snowmobile back in February while on a winter weekend getaway with Mr. SOTSS? Almost 5 months later and I can finally raise my arm straight up. I still can’t lift it out to the side and up but I can get it about 90 degrees. I can finally put my hair in a ponytail and get dressed without difficulty. I’m doing all of my PT exercises once or twice a week at home and feel pretty confident I’ll be close to 100% before the year is out.

My knee: Well back in March I started seeing Dr. Willams who told me it was scar tissue that built up in my quads and was causing my knee to be off track hence the pain. I still feel a “twinge” when I’m running and going up and down stairs but it is so minor and really not an issue anymore as far as my running goes. My daily foam rolling, hip, glute and core strengthening and stretching is definitely keeping things status quo.

My ankle/calf: This is also pretty much resolved although like the knee I’ll still feel a little aching the day after a long run or if I’ve been on my feet all day. I’ve been rolling and stretching here too and I’m fairly certain it’s also working at keeping things at bay.

My lower back: I haven’t mentioned this much. It started hurting a few days before the New Jersey Marathon back at the end of April. I kept thinking I slept on it wrong. Well, 2 months later and it seems that it’s a posture issue. I sit a lot during the day and don’t focus too much on my posture. Running seems to actually bring the most relief probably because it loosens up the muscles. I’m working at strengthening the abs/core which I’m sure are a big reason my back has been achy. Standing is the absolute worst. I was taking photos at a party for 5 hours a few weekends ago and after felt spasms that actually started to wrap around to my hips in the front.

So hopefully another 3 weeks of easy non rigid training will allow my body a little more healing times so I can kick off NYC Marathon training feeling strong.

Duncan thought he’d get a good stretch in too to prevent injury.

Sort of a downward dog

Sort of a downward dog

How are you feeling? 

Any injuries? 

Who here has back issues? 

Have you ever been with someone as they took their last breath?





  1. 1 guess on what made me laugh out loud reading this post

  2. Congrats on your injuries getting better! (Knock on wood) I’ve had a knee thing going on for some to me and just got really serious about making it go away and finally seeing some progress which is awesome. Keep it going!!

  3. I have arthritis in my back, which had me off work for a long time and I ended up getting a nice big needle put into my spine. I have to work a bit on core strength and back exercises but it’s been okay with running now, although I still have to be careful. I couldn’t even walk for about a year… back pain sucks.

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