Hi there.

I’m currently foam rolling and figured I’d entertain Duncan at the same time.

foam roller

it’s a foam roller….it’s a tree trunk.

But it seems he’d rather just lounge…

you do you...I'll do me.

you do you…I’ll do me.

Maybe that’s because I took him out to the park super early this morning before work and tired him out. I woke up before the alarm and while I thought about running, I decided to spend a little extra time with him. I’m totally wrapped around his paw.





early morning sun is so pleasing

early morning sun is so pleasing

But I promised myself I’d get in a run after work. The sun doesn’t set until 7:30ish these days and the weather today was perfection—68 degrees and sunny. And boy did I need this run! I had a tense day at the office. Oh, I wish I took pictures but my hands were full so you’ll just have to picture the scenario. On my lunch break, I walked downtown (about 15 city blocks) to the craft store to buy some supplies for a decoupage craft project i’m planning to do with Mr. SOTSS’ daughters this weekend. I bought a few pads of scrapbook paper in pretty patterns and colors, a huge jar of decoupage glue, paint brushes and shoe boxes to decorate. The cashier put everything in one big plastic bag but apparently with the whole world going “green” this was pretty inadequate plastic. Not 2 blocks away and the bag ripped and there were paint brushes falling out the bottom and pads of paper falling out the sides. Mind you that my shoulder is still quite compromised. I made it a few more blocks carrying the bag from the bottom and finally went into a drug store to ask for a shopping bag. I arrived back to the office sweating like mad and my shoulder was screaming! Luckily getting the supplies home went much more smoothly. Now to brush up on my decoupage skills. No wrinkles! No air bubbles! No Whammies!

I got home at 6:15 tonight—took the doodle out quick and by 6:45 I was on my way—first short sleeve run of the year AND first evening run of the year for the WIN!

Look I'm back just before dark!

Look I’m back just before dark!

Look! Short sleeves!

Look! Short sleeves!

watch-dusk-runTonight reminded me how much I love a good evening run. I’m going to try and make it a point to do at least one evening run a week through the spring and summer.

Tomorrow I’ve got my second PT appointment for my shoulder and Friday I’m going to Dr. W. for my knee and then this weekend I’m going to shoot for an 8-10 miler to close out my “training” for the NJ Marathon. I can’t believe it’s only 11 days away. #freakingout

Do you have a preference for time of day to exercise? What time does it get dark where you live?



  1. First of all your dog is ADORABLE!!! The curly air = love. 🙂

    I actually like working out in the afternoon. I think I’m a bit of the odd one out, as I find most exercisers like the morning. Maybe I’m just lazy?

  2. Did you notice that the shadows look a like? =)

  3. LOOOOVE Duncan. He is so adorable. I have the Vivofit & Forerunner, we are wrist twins!!

    I always run in the evenings. I am just not a morning person and I tend to stay up late, so that could be why!

  4. I’m mostly an afternoon workout person. I just can’t make myself do it in the morning, and by evening most of the time I can’t find the motivation.

    Loving the Duncan pictures! He’s so cute.

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