I love my alliterations (OMG my H.S. English teacher would be so proud)! Now if only I could roll my R’s…

Before I go into those Rs…..A finish line approach photo from sunday….

I see it!

I see it!

Recovery: Monday and Tuesday were rough. I had severe DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and couldn’t get down stairs without using my arms and the railing like crutches to basically hold me up. I was feeling some major mental fogginess too! It was so bad yesterday at work I thought maybe I had neurological damage from Sunday somehow. I couldn’t type words, I couldn’t speak in complete sentences. Random words came out of my mouth in lieu of the words I wanted to say. And I was CRANKY!


I came home from work, slept from 7pm-11pm, and then again from midnight until 6:30am. I woke up today feeling SOOOO much better! My body was fatigued leaving my brain and legs to fend for themselves I suppose.

Rewards: After 2 days of basically abbreviating the dog’s walks to just getting down to business because of my post-marathon crippled-ness, I was happy to reward him this morning with a trip to the park before work. I used the “check in” feature on Facebook to let my friends know where I had been. He had another way of letting them know where he’d been…

Status update: Duncan was here!

Status update: Duncan was here!

And I think there will be some more rewards in my future, for me this time…


Ramping up for the next run: I’m now getting my logistical plan together for Saturday’s run. Yes! Saturday—as in less than 3 days away! I’m running the Trenton “Double Cross” Half Marathon in Trenton, NJ for 3 reasons.

1. My friend Jane is running and I haven’t had the chance to run with her since we ran the NJ Marathon on May 5th of this year.
2. The swag (shirt and bag) and the bling.
3. To finally get to listen to the playlist that  I didn’t get to listen to on Sunday.

There will be no trying to set PRs. There WILL be fun! It’s probably going to be my last official race of the year:( Unless someone gets me to do a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Jog or something. But I’ll probably continue to do training runs with groups or friends.


And tomorrow I might even try an easy 3 miles just to make sure I’ll be ready for Saturday.

Question: What does your calendar look like for the rest of the year? Any races coming up? Are we all in agreement that there will be an eating marathon for Thanksgiving?! I can’t wait. PIE, PIE, and more PIE!!!!!!!



  1. Get to run a half on Thanksgiving with my sisters! You should show up since you are practically one of us anyway. I also have signed up for a half in December in order to continue my half a month fun! I will work on my pie consumption as well.

  2. Great post Duncan Da Dawg is doing what I felt like doing at the finish Line of NY Marathon…where are those “PORT A JOHNS?” as far as sorness Monday was bad, now almost normal and was ina serious fog, sunday Night and Monday….

  3. Hi Sally! I just signed up to follow your blog! One suggestion for after your next marathon: try walking backwards down the stairs. I was skeptical when it was suggested to me, but it really works because you are using different muscles. Good luck Saturday!! ~Ronni

  4. Yay Trenton!! I’m so excited to see you! …btw, I kind of miss those pants. Darnit. I hate throw away clothes, haha.

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