Because I’m sure you were all worried about me!

Seriously though I hate when I’m out of control. This was a DNS server issue and my hosting provider has fixed the issue”. But hopefully you were all busy enjoying your weekend away from the phone or computer and didn’t even realize.

After having a really good run early last week two so-so runs: A neighborhood 4 miler on Thursday and a 6 miler at the beach on Saturday.

All ready for my 6 miles at the beach

All ready for my 6 miles at the beach

just keep swimming

just keep swimming

IMG_0389I think that part of the issue is that I’m still not feeling 100% since getting the flu 2 weeks ago. Between fatigue, coughing, congestion and this nasty nasal drip that’s been leaving me so nauseous I’m just struggling. But I really enjoyed the sun on my face and warmer than normal temps considering it’s February still! My hamstrings do get a bit irritated after each run but I recover well and by the next day I’m fine.

In other news Chester and Duncan just get cuter by the minute. Duncan started limping again today. I am starting to realize at 8 years old he’s middle-aged and gets sore and achy just like his middle-aged mom 🙂

Oh and my phone broke on Thursday too! I had it in my hand and was walking around the neigborhood to stretch my legs and scrolling through Instagram and all of a sudden the screen went yellow, then got black vertical lines and then the screen just died. It’s out for repair and they gave me a loner in the meantime.

Other than getting in that 6 miler this weekend, Mr. SOTSS and I went out to a local Mexican restaurant for some burritos and then we saw the movie Lion which was really good!IMG_0407 We saw his daughter’s gymnastics meet this morning an then spent some time with the handsome doggie duo. And Mr. SOTSS has been teaching himself guitar so he practiced a bit. IMG_0496IMG_0486 IMG_0497 IMG_0405

Well, It’s 1am so I better turn in for the night. Just wanted to let you all know I’m still here! Still running, still eating sweets and still obsessed with my dog 🙂


  1. Hi Sally! Can you tell me about Chester’s green bowl? It looks tricky, which I am guessing is to slow him down while he is eating? Thanks!

    • Yes it’s a bowl designed to slow down how fast they eat. Chester loves his kibble and scarfs it down in 2 seconds with a normal bowl. This one is like a maze and the kibble falls into all those little grooves. Takes him a significantly longer amount of time to work at getting them out. And there’s always that one last piece that gets stuck and his tongue goes in for it and next thing you know he’s moved the whole bowl across the floor. But he never leaves it behind. HA! Great investment.

      • Thank you! I am going to get one for Finn. His is designed to slow him down, but its not tricky enough. I think he would like that one. Glad to have seen it on your blog! Love those dogs!

  2. So frustrating when technology lets you down! Glad you’re back in action.

  3. Let me know when you’re back to 100% – I seem to be a few days behind you with this pesky cough/congestion and it will give me something to look forward to! 🙂

    Buddy would definitely benefit from a bowl like Chester has. We have one with a few dividers, but it doesn’t slow him down much!

    • Today is day 13 of the congestion. It’s worse in the morning and then i’m mostly ok the rest of the day. I finally stopped taking decongestant and expectorant….hang in there!

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