Happy Monday!

I’m wrapping up at work and realized that unless you follow me in Instagram you are still in suspense about how I fared in the Jersey Girl Triathalon yesterday.

Well, good news is that I didn’t die in the ocean! I DID have a panic attack when the first wave crashed into me and I swallowed half of the Atlantic Ocean (ok maybe i’m being a bit dramatic) but Paul, my “angel” swam next to me and just encouraged me and coached me the entire time. He helped by giving me constant reminders to slow my breathing and point my arms toward the buoy to keep the shortest tangent and just basically kept pumping me with positivity. He had a noodle in case I needed it but I never did! I did the doggie paddle for 300 straight yards and can’t even begin to tell you how AMAZING I felt to come out of the water knowing, at 40 years of age I FINALLY faced my fear of the open water. Before yesterday the farthest I had ever gone in the ocean was about hip level and that was in Bermuda where you can see your feet because the water is so clear and the waves were quite calm. Yesterday, apparently the waves were intense (it was pouring rain in the ours leading up to the race and still raining when our heat began).

Swim: 300 yards 10:35

And while my bike was not the fastest, I was relaxed and just still riding high from knowing I finished the swim. Soooo many women passed me. I could hear the constant echo of “on your left!”.

Bike: 11 miles 10:86 MPH

And the run? Well that was cake =)

3 miles: 29:18


So yes! I AM OFFICIALLY A TRIATHLETE!!!!! Pretty cool considering I had never even thought of participating in one until 3 days prior.

Jersey Girl Triathalon 2014

See Sally and Jane show off their bling

I’m working on a full recap to share which I should have up in the next day or two. And now it’s time to JUST SAY NO to any more events until September. MY lingering peroneal tendonitis is still hanging around. It’s not too bad today considering but I’ve gotta just get a little more serious about staying off it to heal once and for all! I’ve got lots of events planned for September, October, November and even December.

How was your weekend? 

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