Happy Friday! And happy National Donut Day!! Not gonna lie this might even be better than National Running Day. It’s also Flashback Friday which made me think back to May of 2011, when my running peeps and I did Ragnar (Relay) New England from Connecticut to Boston mainly because of this pic.

Hello Massachussets

Hello Massachussets

I needed a donut after literally running across the state border from Connecticut to Massachussets. And you know there are only a few million Dunkin Donuts in Massachusetts right?!

about to step into Massachussets

about to step into Massachussets


Last night my running friend Elvia came to sleep over. She had a two-day seminar that’s right near my house so after the first day was complete she arrived at my house and her first order of business was to take a selfie with Duncan.


Cheese! Thanks Elvia for the photo.

Then we went to the park and she ran 5 miles while I biked along side. I did an extra mile as I would go ahead and then back track here and there. I didn’t get much of a cardio workout in but I kept it in high gear and toughed it up the hills for a nice burn on those thighs. After, we hit up Panera Bread for some dinner and then after chit chatting a bit hit the sack. We got up at 5:15 this morning and went back to the same park. But I swapped the bike for Duncan so Duncan and I walked and ELVIA ran another 3.


Duncan would get so excited to see Elvia every time she lapped us.

It’s always so much easier to get up early when you have a partner in crime. It was nice to have some mid-week fun with Elvia and she was grateful to have a place to crash so she wouldn’t have to sit in so much traffic traveling to and from her seminar.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you….yesterday I coaxed a pal into going to IHOP with me as I wanted to try their blueberry cannoli pancakes.


They weren’t that good 🙁 The “cannoli cream” was just a dollop of ricotta cheese on top. Eh. I’ve had better. Next time I’ll try the Jelly Donut ones…

I’m excited for another super-chill weekend with a superb forecast for the next 2 days too. Although I can’t believe how this 40 year old is getting so many aches and pains lately. I’m assuming that biking is just awakening muscles that have been dormant for awhile. First it was the front of my quad up toward the groin, then today i started to feel a pinched nerve in the back of my neck/shoulder blade area. Right at this very moment I’m sort of stuck only able to look straight ahead. I think I lean forward too much on the handlebars of the bike….and I know I’m still tense so that’s probably where that came from. I’ve been trying to steer clear of any and all pain maskers (like advil or tylenol) just to be in tune with how the tendonitis is doing (which I have to say is really WAY better!!!!) but I’ll try and have a glass or two 3 of wine tonight and maybe use a heating pad or something. If I remain so creeky we’re going to have to change this blog to Decrepit Runner or Dilapidated Runner or maybe Ache Out the small stuff.

So what’s going on this weekend?

Anyone doing anything fun?

Who’s stressed?

Who’s got weird aches and pains? Tell me…


  1. Golf, 5k race sandwiched between another 9 miles.
    Golf is fun…
    I’m not stressed (at the moment)
    My tummy has been hurting ever since the 6 dollar burger I had on the drive from SD to AZ. And that was sunday. Gahhh!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You are 100% right about your new aches – quads and neck/back strain are common bike related aches. I run and bike too, and biking totally works different muscles. Since I run more than I bike, I always feel quad ache after I bike. My husband had to raise the handlebars on his bike because of neck strain. All that said, I think it is totally awesome that you are subbing biking for running while your injury heals!!!

  3. I find that whenever I take some time off for running, I end up with a bunch of weird aches and pains that I never usually have. Oddly enough, I tend to feel my best when I am running higher mileage. As for stress…yes! I just had to drop out of my upcoming half marathon since I’ve developed pes anserine bursitis, and want to make sure that I stay healthy enough to start training for my fall marathon in a few weeks. Spin and basically every other form of cross-training bothers my knee right now, so it’s just long walks for this girl, but I sure do miss getting my sweat on. Nothing spells stress relief for me quite like a good sweaty run or spin session!

    • gah! hope the bursitis goes away asap! Smart to heal up now so you’ll be healthy fur the fall full…

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