Happy Tuesday y’all

I got up a little earlier so I could drop off Duncan at my friend Nicole’s house for the day while I’m at work. He is a lucky boy and will spend the day with his pals Biggie and Cody. He loves the morning car rides. It’s that moment when he expects that I am leaving for work and then when I open the door I surprise him and say “wanna go in the car?”

Duncan in the car

I hope we’re going to Biggie & Cody’s house

Cody & Duncan

Cody & Duncan

When we got to Nicole’s her daughter was coloring in a Hello Kitty coloring book with jumbo crayons and I was having major arts and crafts envy!!!! Next thing you know, I’m headed out the door with a Hello Kitty picture colored just for me! And Nicole even gave me a fresh slice of banana bread to take with me. Now that’s what I call a good way to start off the day.

My day at work started just like this

My day at work started just like this

My weekend was super busy but so much fun!

The cupcakes I helped decorate for the Pictures with Santa event at the dog park came out adorable (if I do say so myself). And the dogs? Oh they were so cute. Some even got dressed up for theur photo op with Santa. I wish I had more pictures of the dogs with santa but i took them with someone else’s camera. If I can get my hands on any later I’ll post ’em.



After that I drove to the charity drive that my sister in law was spearheading…

Sally Claus

Sally Claus

I wrapped up the gifts I bought for Joshua the child I sponsored while lots and lots of families came to wrap the gifts that they bought for their sponsored kids.


The amazing generous families hard at work wrapping the gifts they bought for the kids


These are for Joshua…the boy I sponsored. He’s getting everything he asked for. Art supplies, an mp3 player and a sweatshirt

My niece and her friend manned the chocolate dipping station set up for everyone to indulge in =)

My niece....and lots of melted chocolate for dipping

My niece….and lots of melted chocolate for dipping

All in all over 140 children will be receiving gifts that they requested. And on top of that an additional $2500+ in grocery store gift cards was raised so that these families can get some much needed food essentials. Truly a meaningful afternoon.

Saturday night, Mr. SOTSS and I went to see the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon. It is based on a true story about a woman who decides to walk 1,100 miles of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) after her mom dies. I won’t give away any more of the movie but as a runner I can tell you that she had some issues that are similar to marathoners….toenail issues…..chafing issues…

Sunday was another great pack hike and my ankle is literally 100 percent healed!!!! I am sort of in shock but so very happy.

That face

That face

Duncan Rocks!

Duncan Rocks!

I really need to work on my balance

I really need to work on my balance

Isn't he agile?

Isn’t he agile?


One happy pack!


This is Boone! He’s the cutest beagle ever

I will probably ease back into running on Thursday. I haven’t run in over 2 weeks! Still have the knee weirdness that started at the beginning of October so I’ll have to work on that so it doesn’t ever become a full blown injury.

And I have so exciting news. I will be doing my first ever giveaway very soon. The great people at Luna followed up with me to see if I received my gluten free bars.

Gift from Luna

Gift from Luna

When I told them I did and that I was enjoying them they said they would be more than happy to send a box of goodies to one of my readers. Woo hoo! I will be sure to post about the giveaway next week.

Have a great day!

Have you seen any movies lately? Have you ever hiked long distances? The longest I’ve ever hiked is 10 miles.  


  1. This Fall I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (and back out) with my sister. It was amazing! I am an avid hiker though and love the long hikes! 🙂

  2. p.s. Glad to hear your ankle is better!

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