Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. The painting is finally done! And now I’ve just got to keep plugging away and cleaning, putting back some things, tossing others and then tomorrow I’ll try and hit up Home Goods for some odds and ends. I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to have a fresh coat of paint on every single wall! It feels like a new home. YAY!

I ran 4 miles today and dedicated them to Meg Cross Menzies, the young mom/wife who was tragically killed recently after being struck by a drunk driver while she was out for a run. It’s really great when social media can help to make a unified circle of support and awareness during tragedies like this. #megsmiles #runnersagainstdrunkdrivers


I actually ran the boring 4 mile neighborhood route that I just told you in this post but today it wasn’t boring. I didn’t bring music. I just listened to my thoughts and prayed for Megs family. I also thought a lot about my own life. And I thought about how I can run a little safer on the streets. If there’s 2 things you can do when running outside it’s 1) Don’t wear both earbuds or even better run without music period. You should really be aware of the sounds around you. 2) Always run against traffic so you can see oncoming cars.

I’ve got 8 miles on tap for tomorrow and I’ll be spending the remainder of the day cleaning and organizing of course.

Question: Are you cozy at home or did you go out on the town tonight? I met my friends at a sports bar for a drink and some nachos but now it’s 10:40pm and I’m doing laundry and blogging. 

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