I can’t believe we’re halfway through my favorite month—October.

Silly Snapchat filtered Sally eating a freshly picked apple.

I love the Fall here in the North East. The weather has finally come down to a temperature I can get behind. Plus, I get to wear hoodies again. And the main reason October is my favorite month is because my birthday falls on the 25th. I also love Fall traditions like apple and pumpkin picking. And that’s just what I got to do this past weekend.

Mr. SOTSS, the girls, the dogs and I all drove out to the North Fork of Long Island to visit with Mr. SOTSS’ dad and his wife and do some Octobery stuff. We tackled apple picking, pumpkin picking AND a corn maze by day and had an Octoberfest inspired dinner by night (I didn’t take a single picture of our German food #fail).

The corn maze was uber muddy because it had rained all morning

The girls carved their pumpkins when we got home.

Here are a few other notable tidbits since my previous post:

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The last month sure has been life-changing…

Moving In Moving Out

Note: Be prepared for a ton of dog pics.:)

Summary: I moved in with Mr. SOTSS in mid-August, spent the next 3 weeks clearing out my house and finally closed on September 6.

The U-Haul ramp right to the front door

And we’re off

Most of my stuff is just hanging out in the garage until we buy a house together next year (ish)

These are two of the very few decorative items that made the cut in the move. Most went to Goodwill.

And I’ve been taking pictures of Duncan and Chester every 5 minutes since.

I now have 8 paws to wipe on rainy days

hanging with me while i work



in front of the canoe and kayak rentals that i didn’t get a chance to rent and now the season is closed:(

by the lake….did I mention we live across the street from a lake?

playing with his toy squirrels

at my feet

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Well it’s now eight nine eighteen because I kept getting distracted yesterday when I started writing this post! But let’s just pretend:

I just love today’s date 080818. I felt it deserved a blog post title and so I’m writing this post just to make it happen 🙂

I’m making such progress in clearing out my house before the closing. Tossing, donating, packing….

bubble wrap is my life right now

Said goodbye to the late hubby’s skiis (and most of his other stuff too)…I can vividly remember watching him ski out of the trees up in Vermont. I never felt comfortable enough to attempt skiing through the trees. Donated 3 car loads of stuff so far.

who saves drawers from a dresser they haven’t owned in 20 years?

Shredding years of paper

My attic is now officially empty and I’ve shredded almost 20 years of important docs. Seriously what was I doing? Clearly I didn’t need tax docs from 1997! I did save this one page from my 1999 taxes.

As of now it looks like I’ll be closing at the end of this month. But this weekend I’m going to officially move into Mr. SOTSS’ house. I want Duncan settled and out of this house before I really start dismantling stuff. He’s definitely starting to wonder what the deal is.

Yesterday my piano went. I donated it to a nonprofit called The Society of the Unique Artists.

I had to explain to Duncan they are only taking the piano and not him. He was confused for a second.

Other than packing and purging I’ve been doing the usual. Walking, working, a little running and a whole lot of Duncan cuddling. We have just 2 more nights to share a queen sized bed just the two of us! It’s a luxury I’m going to miss as we double that count….And Chester is an 85 pound lab which basically means he’s like another human.

A 3 miler the week before last

And a 4 miler last week! Yep, I went an extra mile because i was having such a good run. And then I took what will probably be the last sweaty selfie post-run at this door. I was reminded on this run that I can always count on 2 things: How i feel about running and how Duncan feels about me 🙂

Last weekend Mr SOTSS and I went to a hot air balloon festival.

I was being such a pain about getting a good selfie that we ran the potential of the balloons leaving the frame before we snapped the pic. Sometimes you just can’t dilly dally.

Well, we actually just sat in the parking lot with our picnic dinner and drinks to watch them all take flight.

French fry face!


Last year we paid the $35 entry fee each (and we had his two daughters with us too) and realized there wasn’t much to do and really we just wanted to see the balloons at the end of the night. We noticed people in the parking lot with lawn chairs and thought that was genius. And last year was too windy so they balloons never left the ground. It was a bit depressing. But this year was quite spectacular. A beautiful sight.

Oh yeah, and I got stung by a bee! I hadn’t been stung in about 35 years and apparently I am allergic. My ankle swelled up and was painful for about a week. Thankfully my breathing was not affected.

While I’ve spent many a day and night at Mr. SOTSS’ place, I’ve never been there more than 4 days consecutively. So everyone will be needing some time to get adjusted to the full time “roomies” situation.

Mr. SOTSS built me this awesome room last summer and it’s supposed to be my private oasis kinda thing….like a she-shed. But apparently everyone just flocks to me. We’re all squeezed into the 7×7 room. HAHA!

Chester will love that I can feed him at 5pm sharp now so he doesn’t have to wait for his dad to get home for dinner.

I’ve gotta drop the doodles off at the groomer. Hope you’re all having a good month.

What’s new with you? Do you have a date like eight eight eighteen that you like? I remember 9-10-11, 10-11-12, 11-12-13 and 12-13-14 like they were yesterday 🙂

Hey there. Happy New Year to everyone.

I’ve had a rough week. Duncan got sick out of the blue last Wednesday. He literally was fine in the afternoon and by the evening he started vomiting. Every hour or two he’d jump off the bed and let me know he needed to go out. Mostly it was spitting up and eventually he started having “backdoor” issues. My poor pup. We went to the vet who gave him some meds.

Do all veterinary offices have this tile floor?

Do all veterinary offices have this tile floor?

Things got worse as he refused to eat for 2 days and before I knew it he was lethargic and I was so worried. We went back to the vet who said just keep giving him the meds and try chicken and rice.

sicky poo

sicky poo

I had actually already started the chicken and rice but Duncan seemed to have little interest. I was able to get him to take a bite or two from my hand and that was it. i even went and bought baby food. Anything to get him to perk up and keep from being dehydrated.

still sickie poo

still sickie poo

Eventually his appetite returned and while he’s still got the “backdoor” issues, his appetite is getting better and he’s eating the chicken and rice from his bowl now.

feeling better

feeling better

We’ve got another 3 or 4 days on the meds and hopefully he’ll be 100 percent by then. Needless to say I’ve been fairly useless. I had hoped to at least go to yoga once or twice but that didn’t happen.

This was from Christmas morning before he got sick. He loved ripping all the wrapping paper

This was from Christmas morning before he got sick. He loved ripping all the wrapping paper

I’m still on running hiatus. My feet have improved with rest and I can walk a lot better but I really don’t feel up to trying to run. Eh…I’m just in a funk. Bitter cold weather with ice and snow everywhere only makes it easier for me to be a couch potato.

First pic of 2018.

First pic of 2018.

This is the first time since I began running over a decade ago that I don’t feel sad about not running. It’s scary but it’s also liberating in a way.

I really can’t wait to share some news that’s actually new and not the same old same old 🙂 So for now I’ll just go with my New Year Nothing New situation and wait to see what’s next.

Well I lied. I did try something new....blue champagne from Italy. That was fun.

Well I lied. I did try something new….blue champagne from Italy. That was fun.

Do you plan to try anything new in 2018? Are you looking forward to anything big and exciting in 2018? What’s your running schedule like these days? Training for anything?