Ah man! With National Running Day, then National Donut Day, now I want to celebrate more!!! Let’s just celebrate that I made it in to work today 😉

It’s Monday and it’s raining and I got to bed really late (we’re talking 3am!) after going out with friends to a concert last night.

Sevendust @ the Starland Ballroom Photo @ C. Cerzosie

Sevendust @ the Starland Ballroom — Photo @ C. Cerzosie

But I had my coffee so I’ll live 🙂


Ironically it’s the travel mug I got when I “graduated” from physical therapy last time I had ankle tendonitis. I need to go back! Hoping foot doc says I can when I see her on Wednesday. I remember this stage all too well. The foot is like 80 percent better but it needs some deep massage, ultrasound treatment and strengthening now more than ever. And I hope they still give these mugs as graduation gifts because it’s the only one that never leaks on me. I’d love to get a second. 

Duncan wasn’t thrilled with this rainy Monday either.


Yesterday I got in another 8.5 miles on the bike. Apparently i was on a peaceful bike route 🙂

Bike path for peace!

Bike path for peace!

While I was riding I passed this parked car:

eyelashes on the headlights. LOL!

eyelashes on the headlights. LOL!

Yes, those are eyelashes on the headlights of this car. Hysterical!

It was a real summer day yesterday with temps in the 80s so after my bike ride I decided to wash the car. It was so dirty I was embarrassed to take it to a car wash.


Duncan was just chillin’ in the shade enjoying the mist from the hose as it floated his way.


Ah! Life IS good!

Not to mention since I didn’t get all the dead bees off from that crazy experience a couple of weeks ago I had to pull out the big guns to remove them buggers from the headlights and grill.

bugandtarWell today makes 30 days without running. I go back to the foot doc on Wednesday. I’m hoping she lets me ease back into running. I’m in the bargaining stage. Just let me run 1X per week for the next 2 weeks so I can complete the two 10Ks I’ve registered for! =)

Did you have coffee yet today? Are you a coffee drinker?

Anyone else only get 4 hours of sleep last night?

Any National Holiday that we can celebrate today? 




  1. I usually only have coffee on the weekends, but if I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep I definitely would have needed some too! Looks like today is Donald Duck day, commemorating his screen debut in the 1930’s so there’s something to celebrate. Hope you have a great week and get some rest!

  2. I must have coffee on the regular!! I love the stuff. I got many hours of interrupted sleep last night – my doggies were restless, I guess, and wanted to spend plenty of time outside in the middle of the night!! Don’t know of any National Holidays, but I’m sure we could come up with something to make today special – like, I don’t know, something UNUSUAL like “Chance of Showers Tuesday.” I’ll celebrate that!!

    • I’m so lucky that my dog Duncan is lazy and not only won’t get up all night but he doesn’t even rush to do his business in the morning. He waits for me to make the first move.
      Today is DEFINITELY a Chance of Showers Tuesday here in NYC.

  3. Oh man, congrats on going in to work after only 4 hours of sleep. I have been there and it is NOT fun. Last night I had trouble sleeping. Sometimes I wish I could just turn my brain OFF.

    • I keep paper and a pen at my bedside and write lists to try and clear my head before bed. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesnt.

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