16 miles

16 miles

Today could have very well been a 5,6 or maybe even 7 mile run. I’m currently in between my marathon training and decided i’d just run when I wanted and however many miles I wanted for these weeks. (FYI: I officially start NYC Marathon training in 3 weeks).

But a bunch of my running peeps are training for a very crazy event. It’s called Center of the Nation 555 series. 5 marathons (or half marathons) in 5 states, in 5 days! I’m actually joining the “crazy” but only doing halfs for either 3 or perhaps all 5 days. We’ll be running in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska in mid September. So the gang is trying to get back to back double digit runs in now so that by August they’ll be closer to getting 5 consecutive double digit days.

Anyway, this morning, my 2 Brooklyn peeps Lisa and Mike came out to MY island (Staten Island) to run. I mapped out a 15 mile course (which ended up to be just over 16.2….oopsie, my bad=) that was mostly along the beach. We had a easy¬†great run! While it was quite flat and the temps were below 70, there was no shade to speak of. We started out keeping a 10ish minute pace….but after our photo op/short break at the base of the Verrazano Bridge we were hovering more at an 11 minute pace.


Yay! Group photo at the Verrazano Bridge….Oops forgot to get the bridge in this shot.


Mike-Lisa/Lisa-Sally and BRIDGE! Perty!


And by mile 13 I fell back and stayed at a 12 minute pace! But knowing it was just a few miles until we were done I knew Lisa and Mike only had to wait 4-6 minutes for me. And tomorrow I rest while they do an 18 miler!!!!!

Best mile of the run was when I got to vent about my water heater fiasco. That mile FLEW by!

So there’s my wisdom tidbit for today. Take the frustrations and anger that life can bring and use it to fuel yourself in a positive way.¬†

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