It’s 60 degrees! 30 degrees above average and that was all I needed to help push me out the door to finally get a run in since recovering from that nasty upper respiratory infection.

pretending to be in jail.

pretending to be in jail.

I’ve been feeling better since probably Wednesday and I’m sure I could have managed a few miles on Thursday or Friday but I was scared that running would cause me to relapse. Or maybe I was just being lazy? I ended up being rather busy with work on Thurs/Fri so I just took the extra 2 days to take it easy.

And today, with the warmish sun on my face, I set out for 3 miles which turned into 3.5.


I think my favorite color combination lately is this chartreuse green and turquoise combo on my shirt and sneakers. I even have the green stitching up the sides of the leggings and on the cuffs of my socks.And I love that my earbuds match too!


Of course I’m not loving the extra lbs I feel like I’ve gained over the last few months. I can see it in this picture for sure 🙁 Time to work on that. #storyofmylife

The highlights of my week involved spending time with Duncan, Mr. SOTSS, Chester, and various combinations of all 3.

Duncan squished in between me and Mr. SOTSS.

Duncan squished in between me and Mr. SOTSS.

Chester using Duncan as a pillow and Duncan using me as a pillow

Chester using Duncan as a pillow and Duncan using me as a pillow

IMG_1147 IMG_1134 IMG_1126

I’m going to shoot for another few miles tomorrow and then on Monday I’m dropping my Subaru at the dealership for service and I plan to run/walk the 6.5 miles from Subaru to Mr. SOTSS’s house. This should get me back on track for training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.

Speaking of the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, have I mentioned how excited I am for it?!

Are you excited for any Spring races? What are you up to this weekend? 


  1. Glad you’re feeling better! There is a lot of people talking about the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, I’m looking forward to the pictures and reading all the recaps.

    • I sure hope I get some good photos. I saw the blossoms last year just visiting DC when they were in peak.I’ll be sure to post a recap too so stay tuned!

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