This morning I went out for my first run post-marathon. 3 easy miles.

photo 1 I felt ok for the most part. Just some soreness in the quads. Oh and a groin twerk tweak…..that pesky groin strain seems to have reared it’s ugly head again. It first bothered me back in June after I started doing some squats one morning and I guess I wasn’t warmed up.¬†Well, I suppose it’s been working really hard and just letting me know it’s time to take a rest. So after Saturdays 1/2 marathon i’ll be taking at least 7 straight days off to rest it.

Today I alternated between frozen corn and a heating pad. I’ll repeat tomorrow.

photo 3

ice packs are boring. frozen corn is fun.

I was kinda bummed about it so I decided to go to my favorite store and use a gift card I got from my 40th birthday. ALL Reebok apparel was on sale 50% off. I bought 2 pairs of long running pants. The Reebok Women’s Printed Waistband Performance Pants


and the Reebok Printed tight Fit Printed Performance Legging


Total was $55! SCORE! It’s hard to believe my big 40th birthday bash was 2 weeks ago! I just put away my cards. (Yes! I’m a pack rat and save all birthday and Christmas cards each year)

photo 2

It’s gonna be about 30 degrees at the start on Saturday. So I’m going through all my winter running gear from last year to see what’s what. I think I’ve got plenty for this season but always good to take inventory.

Question: Favorite winter running gear?



  1. Oooo… I like those running tights! Do you have any other Reebok? Recommended? I bought a bunch of new leggings last year have a trail run left me with holes in the knees of my favorite pair… So far I like the Jockey ones I got from Kohl’s best, I think? It’s been awhile since I’ve worn leggings!

    • I never wore Reebok pants before so I took a leap of faith today buying them. The tights fit really nice. I’ll find out on Saturday if they stay in place. No drawstring so I worry they’ll slide down. But the price was right and I loved the ombr√© effect. =) The other pants are fairly standard. Like yoga pants. Of course they are long on me since i’m so short. I might have to hem them. lol!

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