OK, so no tigers….just heavy legs and side stitches.

I really am losing faith in my running abilities lately. Every run sucks more than the last. I’m constantly feeling like I can’t get my legs off the ground and today during my 10 miler I had another side stitch that lasted for about 4 miles. I’m trying to remember the last run that I had that I was actually feeling good and happy. My friend posted this and I can totally relate except that I haven’t felt #1 much.

11986311_1036368506395806_5252700706457054723_nSo I got my 10 miles done but there were a few complete stops that I paused the Garmin for so I was really slower than this. Sheesh!

IMG_8047I want to run my 17 miler next weekend with my running peeps but I’m afraid they’ll leave me in the dust. Perhaps I can turn this around. Maybe I need a little extra sleep? Maybe it’s the darn humidity? Maybe I’m dying of some disease being dramatic?

OK ’nuff bitchin’…

At least I got to get excited when I ran under the Verrazano Bridge. I love that bridge. And I’m hoping to be on the upper level come marathon day.


Oh, and my friend Lisa made her mom a birthday cake and saved me a piece. It’s lemon with raspberry filling and a lemon buttercream frosting. So good!IMG_8023

And now I’m headed out to a concert with my brother! A little sibling bonding. Have a great rest of your weekend…..

What is your side-stitch remedy?

Favorite cake flavor?

Hi. How goes it?

I have been so ridiculously busy with work stuff. But I’m not complaining. It’s wonderful to have so many freelance opportunities. I basically have a day job and a night job at this point. I even took work with me while I was out on Long Island. I can rest easy for the time being knowing I’ll be able to keep kibble on the table for Duncan and I. 🙂 

After my terrible long run on Monday I  took a couple of days off. But yesterday morning I had planned to get a 3 mile “keeping myself honest to mid week short runs” run in and at 4am I woke up to the sound of the loudest thunder ever. I thought about taking my run to the gym but by 6:45am it was just a downpour without the thunder and I saw some sunlight trying to peer through so I just put on an older pair of kicks and bolted. 


This weekend I am going to be really pinched for time. I thought I was gonna try for 17 miles this Saturday but decided to swap with next weeks shorter 10 mile long run (yeah, only). I just have too much work to do and need that extra hour and a half that I would have been running those last 7 miles 🙂 I’m moving the 17 to next Saturday so it’s not a loss.


Today is September 11th. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with posts about it. A real contrast to what it looks like on National Pancake Day that’s for sure :(. I thought I’d share with you guys how September 11th, 2001 unraveled for me.

I was commuting from Staten Island to Manhattan on the bus and we were in Brooklyn just about to enter through the tunnel that brings you into lower Manhattan. Mind you my husband had died 2 1/2 years prior. I was looking out the window of the bus and saw this wild explosion by the Towers. I literally assumed it was special effects for a movie being filmed. When you’re in NYC it’s common that there are blockbusters being filmed. All of a sudden someone on the bus screamed as they received a phone call from a loved one in that building. We never made it through the tunnel that day. We spent hours on that bus just sitting on the highway. There were papers that had blown across the water from NYC all the way to Brooklyn and they were landing on the highway. These papers were from the desks of people in the towers. That is how forceful the impact was. My bus driver started to collect them saying this was part of history. Eventually we got off the bus and walked around Brooklyn—we being me and a bunch of fellow bus commuters. We ended up at an electronics store (Like Best Buy) where we first saw that the Towers had fallen. We watched them on about 100 TVs simultaneously. I was so worried about my dear friend Susan who worked in that building. Thankfully she was running late that day and was also still on a bus in Brooklyn. But the saddest feeling I had that day was knowing there would be some many new young widows. I knew so many wives wouldn’t see their husbands again. I eventually got through to my family to let them know I was ok. By about 1pm they finally opened the Verrazano Bridge again which was locked down as soon as it was apparent this was a terrorist attack. I jumped on a bus that got me back to Staten Island and a friend picked me up and brought me home. Later in the evening my brother and his coworkers who had been running away from the towers as they fell arrived at my house because they couldn’t get home to NJ. I washed their dusty clothes and we got take-out from the diner for dinner and sat in front of the TV with our mouths wide open. We were all still in shock.

I had nightmares for months. I still get anxious every single day I commute to work.

I’m thinking of all those who perished on 9/11 and their families and all the men and women and canines, too who worked so hard for months and months as part of the recovery efforts. Let’s all remember the amazing acts of kindness that day. There were so many.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. I have looming deadlines for some freelance work that I must get to but I wanted to at least give you a little recap of my weekend, including my slowest training run ever!

I spent Saturday and Sunday on Long Island, NY with Mr. SOTSS visiting with some of his family. Saturday morning we walked with his mom and of course the pooches in a beautiful park by her home. After that Mr. SOTSS and I drove out to Shelter Island which is an island in between the north and south forks of Long Island to spend time with his dad and his dad’s wife on their sailboat.

Waiting for Mr. SOTSS' dad to come out to get us with the dingy and take us to the sailboat.

Waiting for Mr. SOTSS’ dad to come out to get us with the dingy and take us to the sailboat.

sand, water, boardwalks, blue skies, and my honey

sand, water, boardwalks, blue skies, and my honey

We left the pooches at Mr. SOTSS' mom's when we drove out to Shelter Island. This is how they spent the day

We left the pooches at Mr. SOTSS’ mom’s when we drove out to Shelter Island. This is how they spent the day

It was so peaceful to just sit out on the boat in the marina. We caught up a bit, walked all around the island and then had dinner at a restaurant nearby.

Enjoying the day

Enjoying the day

Of course a glorious sunset on the water.

Of course a glorious sunset on the water.

At night we drove back to Mr. SOTSS’ mom’s house. Sunday was spent with his mom and her husband. First Mr. SOTSS and I walked the dogs for an hour and then his mom and her husband joined the fun. We took a ride out to Robert Moses State Park where you can walk to the Fire Island Lighthouse and then continue to the National Park section which connects to a small town called Kismet.

I swear I didn't use any filters. The sky was that blue

I swear I didn’t use any filters. The sky was that blue

IMG_7960There are no cars in Kismet, only walking/bike paths to get around and they have 2 restaurants. The Kismet Inn and Surf’s Out. We chose Surf’s Out.


The weather was phenominal both days. I enjoy being by the water/beach so much. I’ve always lived on the East Coast and it’s just part of my life. Mr. SOTSS not only has the same love of the water but he also was quite the sailor. He got his Captain’s license and piloted a ferry from the main part of Long Island out to Fire Island. We took a fun drive through his old neighborhood and he showed me his childhood home, schools and where the ferry that he worked on was. Pretty cool!


a little map for context…

We covered about 10 miles of walking each day. Good food, good company, great views. It was a superb weekend. Mr. SOTSS dropped me off about 11 pm last night and I took a shower and jumped right into bed.

This morning I was up and out the door at 7:20am and somehow covered 15 miles but it wasn’t pretty.

15 miles DONE!

15 miles DONE!

I walked a lot and just tried to keep it together. I had a side stitch that lasted the entire time. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I stopped at a playground for a few minutes hoping this rainbow might give me some positive vibes…

I think I was delerious!

I think I was delerious!

But 3 hours and 15 minutes on my feet is what I really need to take away from this run. It’s priming me for race day. And it’s ok to have a crappy long run. I’d rather have this happen now than on race day right? While I was in nostalgia mode I decided I’d run past my old elementary school. I also ran through my favorite park.

my favorite spot in my favorite park

my favorite spot in my favorite park

My elementary school

My elementary school

Oh and how sweet is this note? It was at the register at the Dunkin Donuts by my house.

IMG_7894OK better get cracking on those deadlines….I’ll pop in toward the end of the week. Have a great one!

Have you ever just just stalled out while running? Hit the wall? Felt like your legs just couldn’t go one more step?

Do anything fun this weekend?


How goes it?

I struggled with a stomach bug of some sort for the beginning of the week but today i am FINALLY feeling better.

my main course for 3 days

my main course for 3 days

Even though I was only eating crackers for a few days I got myself out on Monday night for a 3 miler. I’m so glad I did because Tuesday morning, when I had originally planned to run, I um….let’s just say run was more of a plural noun than a verb 🙁IMG_7851

Today was another heatwave of 90-ish humid degrees but I managed to get in a 6 miler. Each mile got slower but on the average I kept to 11:40 pace. These days anything under 12 is acceptable for me. How I ever ran a 2:05 half marathon last year is beyond me!IMG_7888

I’m really hoping now that all my injuries are just about healed and with the fall weather coming any day now I’ll be able to get a little bit faster before the NYC Marathon.

So while I was running today I decided to cement my A, B and C goals for race day. Maybe it’s a bit early but what the heck…

Goal A: Win the damn thing! Keep a steady 11:25 pace for a sub 5 finish—4:59 to be exact 🙂
Goal B: To keep a 12 minute pace overall finishing in 5:15
Goal C: ANYTHING under 5:28 which was my first marathon finish time and slowest.
Goal D: Crawl across the finish line before the sun sets.

Having run the NYC Marathon twice now, I know that setting a PR is practically impossible.

2013 crossing the finish line with my throwaway gloves that I couldn't throw away. lol.

2013 crossing the finish line with my throwaway gloves that I couldn’t throw away. lol.

2011-my first marathon!

2011-my first marathon!

I’ll admit that with this most likely being the last time I run NYC I would have loved to hit my secret goal of 4:45 (my PR is 4:38 but that was on a fairly flat course) which I was shooting for in 2013. But I want to truly enjoy myself. I want to savor the moments….all 18,000 moments 🙂

So there you have it! Let’s hope I at least make Goal D!

I’m headed out of town for Labor Day weekend but plan on getting in my 15 mile long run on Monday or Tuesday morning.

And just because this post is lacking some cute Duncan photos….







Do you have plans for the weekend?

Is it still hot where you live?

When do you make your race day goals? Months out, days out or the day of?